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Former Obama Aid Van Jones Says Flynn Turning 'Snitch' Could Bring Down the White House

He believes a bunch of people are headed to jail.

Photo Credit: CNN

Former aide to the Obama White House and CNN contributer Van Jones wasn't pulling punches on Friday's episode of Anderson Cooper 360.

The prospect of justice raining down upon the Trump administration following Mike Flynn's guilty plea and cooperation with the Mueller investigation had Jones feeling joyful.

“I spent about 10 years of my life doing criminal justice work in Oakland,” Jones said. “I‘m just going to make this as plain as possible to the CNN viewers: when one of the main homeboys turns snitch, a bunch of people about to go to jail. That’s just how that works.”

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“This is a huge deal; you cannot pretend it’s not,” he emphasized. “One of your main homeboys just turned snitch — all y’all in trouble."

Watch the full discussion below.

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