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Former ICE Head Warns: Kids May Never See Parents Again if We Don't Reunite Them Soon

Trump can do this on his own without Congress.

Photo Credit: SeattleTimesDotCom

If the families the Trump administration has separated aren’t quickly reunited, many children may never see their parents again, a former acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement head warns. 

“If the administration doesn’t reunify these children very quickly, which is logistically very hard to do, you’re going to have a lot of permanent separations,” [John] Sandweg said.

He explained that the children and adults are put into separate legal systems that move at drastically different paces.

“The parents can be sent back very quickly to Central America, whereas the kids are staying in the United States for years while they’re going through the immigration process,” he explained.

That’s why ending the policy NOW, before more families are torn apart, is so important. That’s something Donald Trump can do on his own, without Congress. It could happen now. 

It’s also one more reason it’s so important to know where children are being kept—so they can be returned to their parents rather than lost in the system.

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