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Forget ‘Ready for Hillary’—This Political Operative Is Pushing for a 2016 Elizabeth Warren Presidency

Erica Sagrans, campaign manager for a new pro-Warren PAC, is behind the 'Ready for Warren' push.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Senate Democrats

The buzz around Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s potential 2016 run has been building for months. Painted as the fiery populist newcomer to Hillary Clinton’s business-friendly Washington insider, Warren has leveraged her fight to reduce student debt, protect consumers and workers, and combat the effects of climate change to become a progressive icon. 

The senator has proven herself to be a stellar fundraiser and a standing-ovation-worthy headliner at events like last week’s Netroots Nation conference in Detroit, an annual gathering of liberal bloggers and activists. Warren’s supporters have taken this moment to capitalize on her popularity and steadily growing national profile by launching Ready for Warren, a group established to convince her to run for president in 2016.

The Washington Postinterviewed the group's 31-year-old campaign manager Erica Sagrans about what it will take to encourage the senator, who has repeatedly insisted she has no plans to run, to change her mind.

In Sagrans' opinion, “It would take her seeing that there is strong momentum and excitement all across the country, not just in liberal areas. But excitement like we’ve seen in Kentucky and West Virginia. We are working to harness that excitement and harness it into a structure to show her that we are 100 percent ready to back her.”

With the election over two years away, and Clinton continuing to fend off questions about whether she will run, there is certainly space for another strong Democratic nominee. But Warren's backers have an uphill battle ahead of them. On July 21, three days after Ready for Warren launched its website, she told the Boston Globe, "There is no wiggle room. I am not running for president. No means no."

Allegra Kirkland is AlterNet's associate managing editor. Her writing has appeared in the Chicago Reader, Salon, Daily Serving and The Nation.