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‘F*ck you, Geraldo’: John Oliver Shreds Trump's Team of Sycophants

"We have a leader operating on a learner's permit."

Photo Credit: YouTube

“Last Week Tonight,” HBO’s John Oliver started off Sunday's show by reflecting on Press Secretary Sean Spicer's appalling Holocaust reference, and even more bizarre walk back. Meanwhile, President Trump managed to advertise his Mar-a-Lago’s chocolate cake during a Fox News interview, but conveniently forgot which country he just fired missiles.

"We've just launched 59 missiles heading to Iraq," Trump recalled.

"Headed to Syria," Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo reminded him. 

"I honestly wish she just kept naming places to see if he kept agreeing with her," egged on Oliver, horrified. 

The past week may have also been the most corrosive to Trump's base yet as a result of the president flip-flopping on major policies. Suddenly, the non-interventionist, NATO-eliminating, tough-on-China Trump was gone.

“It’s like getting tickets for the ‘Vagina Monologues,’ but on the night you went it starred Brian Dennehy," remarked Oliver. "We have a leader operating on a learner's permit and we were reminded just this week of what a president has at his disposal."

The Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) bomb (“The Mother of All Bombs") was finally dropped this week, on Afghanistan, after being developed almost 15 years ago. 

And Trump's "Friends" at Fox were particularly thrilled with the blast, including commentator Geraldo Rivera who told the morning show hosts one of his favorite things in his stint at the network “is watching bombs fall on bad guys." 

"One my favorite things in four seasons on this show is getting to look directly into the camera and say, ‘F*ck you, Geraldo, I hope your mustache gets caught in a box fan!'" Oliver quipped in response.


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