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'Everything With You Guys Is Fruit Salad': CNN’s Chris Cuomo’s Fiery Interview with Kellyanne Conway Goes off the Rails

The counselor to the president made bizarre claims in an attempt to tarnish James Comey's reputation.

Photo Credit: CNN

In a spectacularly substance-less and unnecessarily combative interview, counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway sparred with CNN's Chris Cuomo after the network hosted a town hall with former FBI Director James Comey.

Conway began the interview by raising the fact that Dan Richman, Comey's friend to whom he gave memos recounting conversations with the president, had recently been reported to have worked for the FBI. Richman provided some of the information in Comey's memo to the New York Times in an attempt to trigger a special counsel investigation.

Conway continually insisted that it was somehow duplicitous that it had not previously been revealed that Richman worked for the FBI. But when Cuomo asked why this was relevant, she gave no direct response — mostly just eye rolls. 

"Oh come on, Chris," Conway said, without answering his question.

Later, when Cuomo stated that Comey's letter announcing the FBI was investigating Hillary Clinton at the end of October 2016 unequivocally hurt the Democratic candidate's electoral chances, Conway tried to deny it.

Referring to a recent ad campaign for CNN, Conway asked whether or not the fact that the letter hurt Clinton's campaign was an apple or banana. 

"Everything with you guys is fruit salad," Cuomo said.

Watch a clip below:

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