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Even 'God' Is Fueling Oprah 2020 Speculation on Colbert

The talk show host maintains she isn't running in the least convincing way possible.

Photo Credit: CBS

Stephen Colbert’s "God" visited Oprah Winfrey on Tuesday, days after the beloved talk show host said she’s waiting for a sign from the man upstairs before throwing her hat in the 2020 presidential race.

“God stops by every once in a while, he’s a fan,” Colbert explained as the Lord’s likeness appeared on the ceiling at the Ed Sullivan Theater.

“I’m a big fan of you too God, I really am,” Winfrey assured Him.

Colbert asked God if there’s “something you’d like to tell Oprah,” prompting Him to hold up a “run” poster.

“All I can say, God, is running is now part of my exercise routine,” Winfrey said.

“Lord, let me just say this to you—it’s not something I’ve ever seen myself doing,” she later added, suggesting the president needs to be fully committed to the role.

“Not really, have you seen this White House?” God asked. “C’mon Oprah, I had all this merch printed.”

Watch the segment below:

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