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Even Fox News Hosts Are Questioning Trump's Erratic Behavior over the Russia Probe

“There’s only one person who says this is fake news."

Fox News’ Shep Smith on Thursday offered sharp criticism of Donald Trump, suggesting if the president has—as he’s claimed—“done nothing,” he should “open the door and say, ‘Please, come find out anything that went wrong!’”

Smith was discussing recent developments in the multiple investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign. Senate intelligence committee chairman Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) and vice chairman Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) on Wednesday largely accepted the intelligence community’s findings that Russia engaged in an large-scaled influence campaign to sway the vote, and acknowledged the question of collusion is still “open.”

“There’s only one person who says this is fake news, this Russia investigation, and that’s the president,” Smith said, referencing the president’s claim that Russia probe is a “witch hunt.”

“It’s not a matter that’s in dispute,” Smith explained.

Turning to Robert Mueller’s investigation, the Fox News host noted the special counsel “has an army of prosecutors and it’s very clear the direction he’s going in.”

“They’re following the money,” Smith continued. “It appears what Mueller is going after is financial transactions, whether money changed between one part and another and if it did, what that transfer of money was about, what services they’ve rendered.”

Associated Press reporter Tom Lobianco noted Trump is clearly growing increasingly frustrated with the investigation, which is now “lapping at the front of the Oval Office.”

That’s when Smith offered his analysis of Trump’s guilt.

“Things that don’t make sense,” Smith began. “If you’ve done nothing, and you wonder if people around you have—things that are as illegal as conspiring with another government to change the course of human events in our nation—I mean, you would open the door and say, ‘Please, come find out anything that went wrong.’”

"That is not what this White House is doing,” he added.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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