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Donald Trump Is Seething over Reports Rex Tillerson Called Him a 'Moron'

The president is reportedly ready to replace him with CIA director Mike Pompeo.

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President Donald Trump is reportedly still fuming about his secretary of state calling him a “moron.”

Axios reports that Trump is considering forcing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson out of his administration and replacing him with current CIA Director Mike Pompeo, whom Trump is reportedly more comfortable dealing with on a regular basis.

Axios’ sources say that Trump is furious that Tillerson didn’t explicitly deny that he called Trump a “moron” this week, and that any hope of getting the two men to come to some kind of understanding has been completely dashed.


“Insiders say Trump’s relationship with Tillerson is broken beyond repair,” Axios reports. “We’re told Trump was furious that Tillerson didn’t try to blunt the story about him calling the president a ‘moron,’ by just going out and denying it.”

Trump was also reportedly angry that Tillerson’s “moron” comment overshadowed footage of him trying to comfort shooting victims in Las Vegas.

“After what Trump considered a strong trip to Vegas, he seethed when he got back and saw Tillerson’s gaffe dominating cable-news coverage,” Axioswrites. “Everywhere he flipped, there was Tillerson’s face instead of his.”

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Brad Reed is a writer living in Boston. His work has previously appeared in the American Prospect Online, and he blogs frequently at Sadly, No!.