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Donald Trump Plumbs New Depths in Self-Pitying Puerto Rico Tweet

The president still believes he's the real victim in this tragedy.

Photo Credit: Screengrab

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Sunday night to vent about his frustration that no one — he thinks — is giving him enough credit for the recovery effort in Puerto Rico.

The self-pitying tweets came even as reports pour in that in desperation, private citizens are now funneling supplies to the beleaguered U.S. territory to get around the stalled-out federal effort.

“Nobody could have done what I’ve done for #PuertoRico with so little appreciation. So much work!” the president complained, including an 8-minute government-produced video extolling the relief effort.

Meanwhile, San Juan’s Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz took to Twitter herself on Sunday, blasting FEMA’s constant statements that it has been “collecting data” while never actually doing anything.

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