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Don Lemon Smacks Down Conservative Former NFL Player as 'Un-American'

Constitutional rights are an elusive concept to the ex-athlete.

Photo Credit: CNN

Don Lemon was discussing protests during the national anthem with former NFL player Chris Valletta, who is white, when the CNN host decided he couldn't take Valletta's nonsensical argument any longer.

Valletta tried to claim that players should stand during the anthem because the U.S. affords freedom of speech, despite the fact that kneeling is an exercise of free speech. He then scaremongered about a future in which no one would sing the anthem.

"But how can you as an American citizen who believes in the First Amendment and in the Constitution and everything you say about the anthem, how can you tell another citizen how and when to protest? That’s un-American," Lemon responded.

Valletta said he "took offense to that" and declared himself a "bold American."
"You may be a bold American, but that's misguided, because even if you disagree with it, you should fight for the right for others to do whatever they want," Lemon said, reminding Valletta about a little thing called the U.S. Constitution.
After a bit more nonsense from Valletta, Lemon was over it.
“You’re not making sense. This is not a dictatorship, totalitarian country you can’t tell people when to stand and when not to, otherwise, we would be living in North Korea and Kim Jong-un would be our leader."
Watch the full discussion below.

'UnAmerican': Don schools conservative NFL... by sarahburris

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