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Don Lemon Humiliates Trump-Supporting Guest Spinning Fake News

The CNN host cut him off and didn't let him speak for the rest of the segment.

Photo Credit: CNN

Right-wing political commentator Mike Shields tried to deflect from President Donald Trump being "frustrated" about his separation from independent investigations by deflecting to the debunked conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton and the Uranium One deal.

CNN's Don Lemon stopped him mid-sentence.

“Mike, not only did you dodge the question, you held out a shiny object that has been disproven over and over and over again about uranium,” Lemon interrupted. “You should not bring up talking points or conspiracy theories that have not been proven and that have just been debunked. You do yourself and the candidate and the viewing public a disservice when you do that.”

When Shields tried to defend his dishonest comments by suggesting they could have a full discussion just about Clinton, Lemon jumped in again.

“We could, we could. I could read you every fact check, and talk to you about CFIUS and the nine different departments in the government that had to sign off and Hillary Clinton not being involved, I could talk to you about the person who supposedly had ownership of Uranium One, that had sold it even before the deal went through, but none of that matters," Lemon said. "That’s not what we’re talking about."

Lemon proceeded to cut Shields out of the conversation by giving his question to another guest.

"Evan, can you please answer the question that I gave to Mike before.”

Watch the segment below.

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