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Don Lemon Breaks Down in Tears After Reading Open Letter to Trump

"You are the commander-in-chief. Act like it."

Photo Credit: CNN

CNN host Don Lemon directly addressed President Donald Trump in an open letter on his show criticizing his inflammatory response to Myeisha Johnson, the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson.

Johnson has confirmed the account of the phone call from Trump, which was first relayed by Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL). Trump called Wilson "wacky," and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly spread false information about the congresswoman.

Lemon described himself as "shocked" by the president's response to criticism from Johnson's grieving loved ones, especially one tweet that implied Johnson was a liar.

Lemon has interviewed the president in the past, and said he felt compelled to deliver the on-air letter because he's been informed that the president watches his show.

"Mr. Trump, please stop it. Please, stop. Think of what Sgt. Johnson would want," Lemon said. "You are putting his widow in the terrible position of having to fight for her dignity when she should be concentrating on taking care of herself, her health, her two children and the one on the way.”

“You are the commander-in-chief, the president of the United States of America, the greatest country on earth," Lemon said. "Act like it."

Lemon then offered a message to Johnson acknowledging her grief and speaking of his respect for her deceased husband.

The host briefly broke down before beginning his panel discussion.

Watch the full segment below.

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