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Don Lemon Shuts Down Right-Wing Commentator for Daring to Compare Trump to Obama and Clinton

The network should really stop inviting this guy.

Photo Credit: CNN

CNN's Don Lemon invited conservative Ben Ferguson on the show to discuss President Donald Trump, and it quickly went off the rails.

Ferguson tried to avoid discussing the clear ethical violations of Trump using his hotels to profit from the presidency by claiming the Clintons and Obamas did the same thing.

Lemon identified the obvious flaw in his theory: "[T]here are no Clinton hotels."

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Ferguson was not deterred in his insistence that these previous first families made money from rent on their personal properties. The comparison is obviously ridiculous, because one's personal home and a series of giant luxury hotels are not the same thing.

Lemon tried repeating the fact that the Clintons don't own any hotels. But Ferguson doesn't seem to care if his words are true or not.

Watch the full exchange below.

'There are no Clinton hotels!': Lemon panel... by sarahburris

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