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Democratic Strategist Says Extreme Right-Wing Evangelical Christians 'Made a Deal with the Devil'

These voters sold their souls for political gain.

Photo Credit: CNN

Democratic strategist Maria Cardona told CNN's Don Lemon that evangelical voters are embracing the devil by choosing to support President Donald Trump.

The conversation at hand was Trump's appearance at the Values Voter Summit, which is hosted by the Family Research Council, a certified anti-LGBT hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. No other sitting president has chosen to attend the extremist right-wing event while in office.

“This is a group that has been categorized by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a radical right hate group. They put out pamphlets today, Don, about how homosexuality is hazardous to your health," Cardona said. "I mean, there is a reason why going to this group does nothing to really focus on the issues that we’re facing today, which is the divisions of this country. The way that this president likes to divide us instead of unite us.”

That the organization chose to host Trump is raising eyebrows, because the thrice-married con man hardly meets the organization's own definition of Christianity, which requires people to repent and seek forgiveness of their sins. Trump openly stated that he's never done this. 

As his lifestyle demonstrates, Trump doesn't believe in repenting to anyone or asking forgiveness, and he often brags about behaviors the group allegedly condemns, like pre-marital sex and sexual assault.

Cordona said the "ironic" decision to host Trump shows that these religious extremists "made a deal with the devil."

Watch the full segment below.

Democratic strategist calls out Values Voters... by sarahburris

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