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Democrat Rattles Off an Epic Series of Republicans' Insults of Donald Trump to Make a Very Important Point

"Some of my colleagues have disgraced themselves today..."

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) used his time during Thursday's congressional hearing of FBI Peter Strzok — accused by Republicans of being biased toward President Donald Trump in his work for the bureau — to rattle off a series prominent Republicans' Insults of the president.

"Sen. Ted Cruz called Donald Trump a 'sniveling coward,' a 'pathological liar,' and a 'serial philanderer," Raskin said. "Sen. Marco Rubio said Donald Trump was 'unworthy of being our president."

The list went on from there, and after each insult, Raskin asked Strzok if the Republican he mentioned was a part of a deep state conspiracy to undermine the president. Strzok kept saying simply, "No."

While it might have seemed like a petty gesture, it made an important point. Republicans accused Strzok of acting to sabotage Trump based on nothing more than the fact that he insulted the then-candidate over private texts and hoped that he wouldn't become president.

However, hoping that Trump would be stopped from becoming president and insulting him are so common, even Republicans have done it. In light of this (obvious) fact, the whole case against Strzok falls apart.

The list also reminded viewers how hypocritical Republicans have been with regard to Trump. They know how unfit, repugnant, and duplicitous he is, but they defend him anyway and shield him from real accountability.  

"Some of my colleagues have disgraced themselves today in their attack on FBI and the justice system of America," Raskin said. "How can we recover from the hole that has been dug here today?"

Watch the clip below:

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Cody Fenwick is a reporter and editor. Follow him on Twitter @codytfenwick.