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C-SPAN Cuts off Caller Who Advises Roy Moore Victims to Say 'He Has a Tiny Little' Penis

The staid network was in no mood for jokes.

Photo Credit: Screenshot / Raw Story

C-SPAN’s Washington Journal disconnected a caller who suggested that the women who say they were molested by Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore could make more of an impact if they talked about the size of his “tiny little” genitals.

On Wednesday’s edition of Washington Journal, host Greta Brawner announced that Patrick from Pennsylvania was calling on the Independents’ line.

“I would like to talk about Roy Moore,” Patrick began. “And I don’t know why these women don’t just say that he exposed himself and he had a tiny little…”

Before Patrick could name the part of Moore’s anatomy, C-SPAN muted the call and Brawner hung up.

“Moving on to Dave,” she said, referring to the next caller.

Watch the video below.

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David Edwards is a writer for Raw Story.