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Stephen Colbert on Trump's Unhinged Tweets: 'Somebody Give This Guy a Xanax'

The "Late Show" host weighed in on President Trump's baseless claims about wiretapping.

On Monday night's episode of "Late Night," host Stephen Colbert wondered what happened to Donald Trump after the "big-boy speech" he delivered to Congress last Tuesday. What started off as a good week for the administration quickly unraveled after the release of a damning report that showed Attorney General Jeff Sessions likely lied during his confirmation hearings. After Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, the president launched an unhinged tweetstorm that dominated the weekend's headlines. 

"I was afraid he had sold the timeshare in crazytown," Colbert quipped before addressing Trump's baseless claim that President Barack Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower—a claim Trump made at 6:35am.

"Things are moving so fast, I think I need a dramamine," the host added. "Who wakes up that angry? Somebody give this guy a Xanax or a bran muffin. Or a bran muffin just stuffed with Xanax, like a Branax or something.”

Colbert noted Trump's drawing on famous political scandals.

"You just said it was McCarthyism!” exclaimed Colbert. “Now it’s Nixon/Watergate? Pick your historical analogy.”

“This is the Pearl Harbor of Hindenburg, Great Depression, D-Day, finale of Lost!” he joked.



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Alexandra Rosenmann is an AlterNet associate editor. Follow her @alexpreditor.