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CNN's Anderson Cooper Says Jeff Sessions' Warning Could Portend Another 'Saturday Night Massacre'

The Washington Post reported that the attorney general told the White House he may resign if Rod Rosenstein is fired.

Photo Credit: DoD Photo by Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Dominique A. Pineiro

Attorney General Jeff Sessions told the White House he may have to resign if Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is fired, according to the Washington Post.

CNN's Anderson Cooper and chief political analyst Gloria Berger agreed the development was "fascinating."

"It's sort of a shot across the bow to the president," Berger said. "What it seems to say is that if you fire him, it could cascade. Not only with Sessions, but perhaps within the entire Department of Justice."

"This reporting certainly underscores political consequences," Cooper said. "It is sort of a potential Saturday Night Massacre."

The "Saturday Night Massacre" refers to the time President Richard Nixon tried to order his attorney general to fire the special prosecutor looking into Watergate. Both the attorney general and the deputy attorney general resigned rather than comply with the order.

Watch the clip below:

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