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'The Clock Is Running Out on Mr. Trump': Michael Avenatti Says Only Putin Knows More of the President's Secrets than Michael Cohen

"There's a series of tapes, there's more than one tape," he said.

Photo Credit: MSNBC

Michael Avenatti called once again for the release of recordings of President Donald Trump made by his former lawyer in an appearance on MSNBC on Friday.

"There's a series of tapes, there's more than one tape," Avenatti told “The Beat” host Ari Melber. “That’s why I called for the release back in late May of the ‘tapes,’ plural and not ‘tape,’ singular.”

Avenatti represents Stephanie Clifford, better known as porn star Stormy Daniels, in her lawsuit against the president and his former lawyer Michael Cohen. Cohen’s properties were raided in April as a part of a federal investigation, and it was reported Friday that the FBI now possesses a recording of the president discussing a hush money payoff of a former Playboy model.

Avenatti continued: “The clock is running out on Mr. Trump, and I think this is going to be very, very problematic. I mean, this is the one guy, Michael Cohen is the guy, who has more information on the potential misdeeds of the president than anyone else. Well, with the exception, perhaps, of Vladimir Putin.”

Later in the interview, Avenatti suggested that he would be open to representing Cohn if he turns against the president.

Watch the clip below:

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