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Clarence Thomas' Wife Ginni Posts Far-Right Meme Mocking 'Radicalized' Parkland Shooting Survivors

She's targeted David Hogg in the past as well.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Ginni Thomas is once again attacking Parkland High School student survivors, this time David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez. On Monday morning Thomas shared a meme to Facebook calling them "radicalized Democrats" and "dangerous to the survival of our nation." Thomas, a far right-wing political activist, conservative lobbyist, and political commentator, wades into troubling territory by framing her attack as an issue of "the survival of our nation," as she is the spouse of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

For years many have questioned what appears to be a conflict of interest, given Thomas' husband sits on the Supreme Court, and at times has appeared to share her views. No one should think she has no right to her opinion or to her activism, but frequently it is paid activism, and at times touches upon issues the Supreme Court is reviewing or might take up.

Here's the meme Thomas shared on Facebook, as Slate's Mark Joseph Stern first reported.

The post includes the statement, "What makes radicalized Democrats like David Hogg and others so dangerous to the survival of our nation is their total, shameless hypocrisy!" as part of the meme.

The pro-Trump group that Thomas shared the meme from, The Great American Movement, says on its Facebook page, "The enemy of America is the radical fascist left."

Stern adds that "Thomas has targeted Hogg before, ridiculing him for being 'a special kind of stupid' less than six weeks after the Parkland shooting. (She deleted the post after I wrote about it.)"

At the time of the shooting Hogg was 17 years old.

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