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Christie Christie Publicly Humiliated at VIP Section of Newark Airport

TSA had to let Christie know that his special treatment is over.

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Former (insert noise of joy here) Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey is used to VIP treatment. During his time as New Jersey’s top state official, he billed taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars for private helicopter flights, eventually reimbursing taxpayers $54,723.19 in just two years for trips that were determined to be personal business, like attending his son’s baseball game. In once instance, Mr. Big Time even landed right on nearby football field just before the game started.

And who could forget when Christie and his family spent the 4th of July privately frolicking on a public beach that had been closed to the public because of a state shutdown and budget battle?

This week Democrat Phil Murphy was sworn in as New Jersey’s new governor and the newly unemployed private citizen Chris Christie was headed out of town when he got a stark reminder that he’s a regular ol’ citizen. From CBS New York:

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie learned the hard way that his special treatment is over.

Christie tried to circumvent a TSA checkpoint at Newark Liberty International Airport Terminal C Thursday morning. Christie was with his State Police detail and attempted to enter through a special access area, located near the exit of the restricted area of the terminal.

The Port Authority says one of its officers refused to let Christie pass, telling the former governor that he is no longer allowed to use that access.

The officer escorted Christie to the regular entrance.

As CBS notes, the protection officers are optional for former governors. Apparently Christie is opting to keep them. 


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Jen Hayden is a writer for DailyKos.