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Christian School Bans 12-year-old Girl From Football Team, Cites Bible

Boys might have 'lustful thoughts' school says, also girls should play 'girls sports.'

Sometimes girls just want to have fun. And sometimes, they just want to play football. Twelve-year-old Maddy Blythe is one such girl. The middle-schooler was her team's first-string defensive tackle, with four or five sacks to her credit, when Strong Rock Christian School in Locust Grove, Georgia kicked her off the team.

"Just for being a girl," Blythe said in an interview with

When Maddy and her mother, former cop Cassie Blythe, pressed for further explanation, they said they were told the reasons inlcuded the fact that the boys might have "lustful thoughts," and that they would likely use "rough language" in the locker room. Other explanations included, "Middle school girls should play middle school sports." Finally, the head of the school told the Blythes that prayer had informed his decision.

Maddy says: "It's like taking a dream and throwing it in the trash." Her deam included being a nigh school football player, and possibly getting a scholarship. Her mother says it's just"very archaic."

Maddy and her Mom are now taking their fight to facebook, creating a page called "Let Her Play," which is devoted to Maddy and all female athletes with a dream.

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