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Chris Cuomo Implies LaVar Ball Set Bad Example for Son by Not Thanking Trump in Bizarre CNN Interview

There were no winners in this train wreck.

Photo Credit: CNN

A cringeworthy interview with LaVar Ball found CNN host Chris Cuomo questioning his parenting skills because he wouldn't say "thank you" to President Donald Trump.

Trump previously tweeted that Ball's son, UCLA basketball player LiAngelo Ball, should've been left in jail for the slight.

Hard-to-follow exchanges continued for more than 20 minutes in which the host and guests seemed primarily focused on antagonizing each other.

At one point, Ball said his son should get a "pass" for shoplifting and pointed to his character. A visibily irritated Cuomo shot back, "And he said 'thank you' to the president of the United States, something his father didn't want to do. What kind of example does that give your son?"

Ball agreed to thank Trump if he got an invitation to the White house, saying, "If you invite me somewhere [...] I'm going to say 'thank you.'"

Cuomo then accused Ball of provoking the president. Shortly thereafter, Ball got the host to laugh and told him he "needed somebody like me to loosen you up a little bit."

The cringeworthy segment finally ended with Cuomo trying to get Ball to stop making homophobic jokes about his nickname "Mo" and Ball telling Cuomo to wish Trump a happy Thanksgiving.

Watch the unbelievable interview in three parts below.

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