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Anderson Cooper Roasts Trump for Repeatedly Mentioning Nonexistent Country at U.N.

You've never heard of "Nambia"?

CNN host Anderson Cooper resurrected the snarky "Ridiculist" segment Wednesday to mock President Donald Trump for talking about a country that doesn't exist.

In a speech to African leaders, Trump mentioned "Nambia" multiple times. Cooper wants to make sure you saw it.

“Tonight we’re traveling to a magical land far, far away. A place so special it’s almost like it doesn’t exist," Cooper said at the top of his segment.


He tried to solve the mystery of "Nambia," but ended up at C.S. Lewis.

“Maybe it’s a combination of Namibia, which is a real place—it’s lovely, I went there for Christmas one year—and Narnia, which is not, and I wish it were," he said. "I would love to go there if I could only fit through that wardrobe."

Watch the hilarious full segment below.

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