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AlterNet Radio: More GOPers In Congress=More Inequality; Yes, the Stimulus Worked; Schneiderman Goes After JPMorgan

Plus, James Bond themes!

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This week on the AterNet Radio Hour, we speak with Bart Naylor -- a former investigator with the Senate Banking Committee who is now an advocate with Public Citizen -- about the lawsuit filed this week against JP Morgan. Still no perp-walks, but better than nothing.

The we're joined by Time Magazine correspondent Michael Grunwald to discuss his new book about the 2009 stimulus, The New New Deal: The Hidden Story of Change in the Obama Era

Finally, we talk to Thomas Volscho, a professor of sociology at CUNY Long Island College. Volscho and a colleague are soon to release a study that shows a clear relationship between how many congressional seats the GOP holds and how much of the nation's pre-tax income the top 1 percent of households grab. The study also finds that this holds true regardless of which party occupies the White House.

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UPDATE: Here it is!


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