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'All of Those Babies Are Dead': MSNBC Guest Chokes Up Discussing Trump's Disastrous Foreign Policy

"There are a lot of folks who are dead today. For what?"

Photo Credit: MSNBC

In a rare moment for cable news, MSNBC guest Eddie Glaude Jr. became choked up and emotional as he discussed the mass killing in Gaza Monday. Israeli soldiers fired upon Palestinian protesters in the wake of the newly opened U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, killing more than 50 people and wounding thousands of other demonstrators, according to reports. 

As the discussion on "Meet the Press Daily" veered toward the domestic political consequences of President Donald Trump's foreign policy actions, Glaude, a professor of religion and African American studies, could barely contain his reaction.

"All that's important, and all of those babies are dead," Glaude said. "All of those people are dead. They're dead. And we're talking about racehorses... I mean, the politics. I mean, there are a lot of folks who are dead today. For what? I'm sorry, this is me being a moralist, I suppose."

"No, I understand," host Katy Tur said. "And the White House today, their response to that today was it's Hamas' fault, and they're using them [the Palestinian victims] for propaganda."

"That's like saying the children in the children's' march on Birmingham, it was their fault that Bull Connor attacked them," Glaude said. 

Watch the clip below:

Correction: This story initially misspelled Eddie Glaude's last name.

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