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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shuts down this conservative reporter for trying to use 'creepy' photo of her coat to prove she's secretly rich

A Washington Examiner reporter tried to argue Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez must be secretly well-off because of her coat.

Photo Credit: El Borde

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the freshly-elected New York Democratic Socialist who will become the youngest woman ever in Congress, is arriving on Capitol Hill as one of its less affluent members. Indeed, like most women her age, housing costs are a struggle for her, and she cannot afford the rent on an apartment in Washington, D.C.

But that does not sit with conservatives, who are desperate to prove Ocasio-Cortez is secretly well-off and living the high life so they can say she has no business railing against income inequality. Right-wing commentator John Cardillo even posted an image of her (very small) childhood home in Yorktown Heights and claimed victory because it was not a "Bronx hood upbringing."

On Thursday, the campaign to prove Ocasio-Cortez is lying about her poverty reached a new low when Eddie Scarry, a reporter for the conservative Washington Examiner, tweeted an image of her from the back, and cited her coat as proof:

Scarry eventually deleted the tweet in question, but another Twitter user preserved it as a screenshot:

The Internet promptly shot him down. Some users pointed out that owning a nice coat is not proof she is rich — she could have obtained it from a thrift or discount store:

Others chastised him for the condescension in how he talked about her:

And still others pointed out how incredibly creepy it was to post an image of a woman from behind without her consent to appraise her clothes:

But perhaps the best response of all came from Ocasio-Cortez herself:

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