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8 Women Accuse Charlie Rose of Sexual Misconduct: Report

The allegations include groping, exhibitionism and verbal harassment.

Charlie Rose, the veteran journalist who currently hosts a PBS show and is a co-anchor on CBS This Morning, has been accused of sexual misconduct by eight women, according to a detailed report by the Washington Post.

All of the accusers were either employed by Rose or aspired to work on his show. The women were between the ages of 21 and 37 at the time of the alleged events. Three of the eight accusers spoke on the record.

Aside from verbal harassment, allegations range from groping to walking in front of the women naked. Reah Bravo, one of the accusers, said, "He was a sexual predator, and I was his victim.”

PBS announced it would immediately suspend distribution of Rose's show, which is produced by an outside company.

A spokesperson released the following statement: “PBS was shocked to learn today of these deeply disturbing allegations. PBS does not fund this nightly program or supervise its production, but we expect our producers to provide a workplace where people feel safe and are treated with dignity and respect.” 

CBS also suspended Rose. "Charlie Rose is suspended immediately while we look into this matter," read a statement from the company. "These allegations are extremely disturbing and we take them very seriously."

Rose offered an apology and nonspecific denial of some of the allegations.

“It is essential that these women know I hear them and that I deeply apologize for my inappropriate behavior. I am greatly embarrassed,” Rose said in a statement to the Washington Post. “I have behaved insensitively at times, and I accept responsibility for that, though I do not believe that all of these allegations are accurate. I always felt that I was pursuing shared feelings, even though I now realize I was mistaken.”

(This story was updated at 11 p.m. ET to reflect additional breaking news.)

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