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100% of Donors to 'Black Americans for a Better Future' SuperPAC Are White Conservative Men Who Love Ted Cruz

Who's behind the nominally African-American Super PAC?

Jon Schwarz at The Intercept helped uncover a rather amusing FEC filing composed of Ted Cruz-loving billionaire Robert Mercer: he founded an ostensibly African-American Super PAC that has literally no African-American donors. New SEC filings from a Super PAC "Black Americans for a Better Future” reveal that all their donors are conservative white men and 96% of the money comes from one man, Mr. Mercer himself.

You can see from the chart below, Black Americans for a Better Future is whiter than the Oscars:

Mercer, who is CEO of Renaissance Technologies out of New York, has also given lavishly to another Cruz Super PAC Keep the Promise I. According to The Intercept the billionaire gave $11,000,000 to support the Texas Senator’s Presidential campaign.

The remaining donors, all of whom are whiter than the cast of Frasier, include Scott Keller, Marc Stanley Goldman, Vincent Kolber, Peter Bowe, Russell Johnson, and Anthony Parker.

Mr. Mercer is described as a "reclusive computer programmer" by The Washington Post and earned his fortune "building algorithms to outwit Wall Street traders".

The initial discovery, according to  Schwarz  came, from Derek Willis of ProPublica and Dave Levinthal of Public Integrity.

h/t The Intercept.

Adam Johnson is a contributing analyst at FAIR and contributing writer for AlterNet. Follow him on Twitter @AdamJohnsonNYC.

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