MUST SEE CLIP: Jon Stewart Lambasts GOP and Fox for Fearing Only Foreign Threats, Not Things that Actually Kill Americans

Death should be "Made in America."

Photo Credit: via Comedy Central

"If you've been watching the news lately," Jon Stewart opened last night, "you may have heard we're all doing to die."

And apparently the things that are going to kill us are: Ebola, ISIS and immigrants flooding the border. They might even be all working together.

Notice any pattern there? They're all foreign threats. Also, though they have killed almost no one, they are all the mainstream media, Faux News and Republicans seem to be able to talk about. And, those austerity-minded Republicans say we should spend and do "whatever it takes" to defeat these dire threats.

Stewart is as educational as he is funny in the segment. He shifts gears and talks about the things that actually threaten the lives of Americans, and just how much action these so-called lawmakers are willing to take to combat those. Heart disease tops the list, killing 600,000 Americans a year. But recall the right-wing outcry whenever the government does anything to get Americans to eat healthier. "Whatever it takes to save American lives," Stewart mimics derisively. Other things that could save American lives include expanding Medicaid (too expensive, Rick Perry, says, "like putting a thousand more people on the Titanic.") Or passing sensible gun control legislation. Ha!

Cue montage of Republicans saying that is not going to be possible, like Rand Paul saying that criminals won't obey the law anyway. Stewart's comment: "Whatever it takes . . . except for passing laws that criminals might break."

Brilliant and kind of important, watch:


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