'A Moral And Humanitarian Crisis': Hillary Clinton Slams Trump's 'Zero-Tolerance' Policy — And Sessions' Religious Defense of It

She also called his attempt to blame Democrats for the law an "outright lie"

Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday delivered a scathing criticism of the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance policy,” calling it a "a moral and humanitarian crisis."

“Let's be very clear, this is not happening because of the, quote, ‘Democrat's law,’ as the White House has claimed,” Clinton said in New York City. “Separating families is not mandated by law at all. That is an outright lie. “

“Those who selectively use the Bible to justify this cruelty are ignoring a central tenant of Christianity,” Clinton added. Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions cited Roman 13 in defense of the controversial “zero tolerance” policy.

“I went to a lot of years of Sunday school,” Clinton continued. “I even taught it from time to time. I’ve studied the Bible, both the Old and the New Testament, and what is being done using the name of religion is contrary to everything I was ever taught. Jesus said, ‘Suffer the little children unto me.’ He did not say let the children suffer.”

Watch below:

Read Clinton's full remarks on Trump's immigration policy below:

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