'Do you believe me?' Michael Flynn uses third-grader as prop while falsely claiming 'invasion' at the border

'Do you believe me?' Michael Flynn uses third-grader as prop while falsely claiming 'invasion' at the border

Michael Flynn, ex-adviser to former President Donald Trump, used his media platform to spew false claims about the United States border crisis and attempted to use a third-grade child as a prop in the process.

Host of Radicalized Pod Jim Stewartson shared a clip of the former GOP leader's interaction with the child via Twitter, writing, "My god. Here is Ret. Lt. @GenFlynn indoctrinating a THIRD-GRADER into xenophobic, seditionist propaganda. He tells the CHILD there is an invasion — 'INVADERS' — and describes pressuring @GregAbbott_TX to effectively secede and use 'sovereign' troops at the border to stop it."

Flynn tells the third-grader, "Put that mic right up to your mouth."

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The child says — reading a sheet of paper — "What's the state of Texas with the border?"

Flynn repeats, "So What's the state of Texas with the border?"

He continues, "And, it's really bad right now. I think the state of Texas and the state of the border of Texas, I don't know Brownsville all the way up to, uh, El Paso, and on up the Rio Grande is really bad. I mean, there's thousands and thousands of people coming across the border every day like it's an invasion. I feel like we're being invaded. And it feels that way."

The right-winger goes on to say, "I don't know if you've been down to the border. I've been down to, uh, the border a couple of times. And, uh, I believe that, that your governor, Governor Abbott, could solve the border crisis in one day. He could, he could stop the flow of illegals crossing the state, the border of Texas, from Mexico into Texas, in one day. Do you believe me?"

Flynn then emphasizes, "Because he's got the resources to do it. He's got the manpower to do it. And, you know, the resources are things like — it's gonna take some money — but I think the people of Texas would back, get behind something like that. But they already have emergency funds to do that. He's got the manpower to do it. And the ability to mobilize. They have the laws to do it. So, it's basically, it's a border compact. So every state has its own sovereign rights, ok? Per our consititution. You know the Constitution, right? I carry this around, it's a pocket Constitution."

In 2021, according to KVUE, Abbott signed legislation that he intended to serve as a "funding boost for southern border security."

KVUE reports:

The signing comes just a day after Gov. Abbott announced that he planned to close six ports of entry at the border. Soon after, he backed off because Texas does not have the power to close any part of the border. That's left to Homeland Security Customs & Border Patrol under the president.

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Mark Jones, a Texas and Latin American politics expert at Rice University, said, "What he can do is assist the Border Patrol if they request his assistance."

Earlier this month, Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX), visited the border and said during a CBS Face the Nation interview he "recently visited the border alongside" House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), "where he captured videos depicting the crowded and inhumane conditions in immigration facilities."

Rolling Stone reports, "The attempted 'demonization' of undocumented immigrants that Gonzales called out is common in the GOP and has only heightened xenophobic sentiment in the country as the party attempts to link immigration with violent crime, which makes Gonzales a rare standout."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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KVUE's full report is available at this link.

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