WATCH: Stewart Lets Loose Over Petty Media Reaction to Obama-Castro Hand Shake

“This isn't Chamberlain selling Czechoslovakia to the Nazis, no matter what John McCain says."

Jon Stewart weighed in on the outrage over the Obama-Castro handshake at the memorial ceremony for Nelson Mandela on last night’s The Daily Show.

“One thing is for certain, the passing of Nelson Mandela left a message for the world that no act is too petty for the America news media to blow completely out of proportion,” he said.

President Obama’s handshake with Cuban leader Raul Castro raised eyebrows and was the subject of an intense media furor yesterday about whether his conduct was appropriate. Stewart was quick to offer some much-need reason to the media hyperbole.

“Barack Obama at a memorial, celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela, a man whose legacy is that he forgave and embraced his foes and tormentors,” he noted, and yet people were so outraged over the fact that, “Obama had the audacity to greet another world leader with a gesture so meaningless you can train a basset hound to do it. WHAT THE F*&*K IS wrong with us?” he lamented.

Stewart then berated Senator Jonn McCain for comparing  Obama's handshake to Neville Chamberlain’s handshake with Hitler:

“This isn't Chamberlain selling Czechoslovakia to the Nazi. No matter what John McCain says....Cuba isn’t the only country with a spotty record of imprisoning people in Cuba," he said.

Stewart concluded, “The President behaved himself just fine.”

Well…almost.  As for the ‘selfie’ that Obama took with other world leaders, Stewart exclaimed: “That’s kinda f**cked up…”.

Jodie Gummow is a senior fellow and staff writer at AlterNet.