WATCH: Seth Meyers Definitively Proves Trump Is 'No Fluke' Given Recent GOP History

If you've been watching, none of this has been a surprise.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Seth Meyers, in an attempt to make sense of the fact that Trump is the GOP presidential nominee, took a closer look at the events leading to where we are now to get a sense of how we ended up here.

Through hilarious clips from the campaign trail, Meyers reviewed Cruz’s various recent flubs, from getting heckled by a 12-year-old (who summed up his disdain in two words: “You suck!”) to being oblivious when running mate Carly Fiorina “fell flat, literally,” to a failed streetside heart-to-heart with sign-holding Trump supporters (let’s just say it really didn’t go well).

Then of course there were Trump’s contributions, including his wacky insistence that Rafael Cruz—Ted’s dad—was in on the Kennedy assassination.

“This should be a serious moment of introspection for Republicans. How did they get to the point where they’re handing their nomination to a race-bating, xenophobic, serial liar, who peddles conspiracy theories and thinks the National Enquirer is a real newspaper. The answer? This is no accident. It is not a fluke. The Republican Party is the party of Donald Trump and has been for years.”

From there, Meyers does a look back at the GOP over the near-decade, looking at how the fostered and embraced xenophobia, racism and Islamophobia, particularly when it was hurled at our current president. It’s a great remembrance of who the Republican Party is and has long been.


Kali Holloway is a senior writer and the associate editor of media and culture at AlterNet.

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