Watch: Samantha Bee's Hilarious Clip on Bernie Supporters, Elizabeth Warren and 'Communal Orgasms'

They're a lot less angry and rude than the Trump panel was.

Photo Credit: YouTube / TBS

On the eve of the New York primary, Full Frontal host Samantha Bee decided to chat with a few voters who’ve declared their support for Bernie Sanders.

“You know, it’s easy for dried-up old crones like me to dismiss Bernie fans as naive kids who believe in wizards and unicorns,” Bee stated introducing the segment. “Sometimes too easy. But I wanted to hear from actual Sanders supporters themselves.”

Meeting at Cafe Wha?, an old-school folk spot in New York City’s West Village, Bee’s invitees made up an “impossibly diverse panel,” to whom Bee posed a few questions about their favorite candidate. This included a game of word association, in which Bee asked panel members for a one-word response to “Hillary.”  

Answers included “dishonest,” “inauthentic” and “uninspiring,” as well as “inside the box” and “Wall Street,” which Bee immediately called out as three and two words, respectively.

After asking what the difference is in Obama and Bernie’s change-making abilities, and getting the answer that “the people will rise and stay awake” after the election, Bee addressed the panel in incredulous tones.

“So are you literally saying to me right now that the difference between Obama and Bernie Sanders is that the people of America are going to continue to be motivated within the political process and they’re going to keep putting pressure on our elected leaders to make change?”

“Absolutely,” the group shouted in unison.

“Have you met people?” Bee asked with more than a hint of mockery in her voice.

Without spoiling the jokes, let's say there's a reference to a "communal orgasm" after Bee tells the panel Elizabeth Warren will be Bernie's VP.

Check out the segment below, which comes after a previous episode in which Bee spoke with Trump supporters

Kali Holloway is a senior writer and the associate editor of media and culture at AlterNet.

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