Watch: Larry Wilmore Sees Some Resemblance Between Trump and You Know Who

The late-night host looks at the violence taking place at the billionaire's rallies and finds disturbing parallels.

Photo Credit: Comedy Central

Last night, the Nightly Show’s Larry Wilmore decided to take a closer look at the violence that pervades Donald Trump’s rallies. The segment kicked off with a series of news clips, including one broadcaster's mention of attending a rally where protesters were kicked out on average “every four and half minutes.”

“What, does Trump have a racial egg timer?” Wilmore asked. “Ding! Grab a black!”

The host then reviewed footage of Trump essentially co-signing the actions of his supporters, who have physically attacked numerous protesters, by saying that in “the old days,” protesters would’ve been “carried out on a stretcher.”

“You know, the president isn’t supposed to openly advocate for violence, right?” said Wilmore. “No. You do the right thing and go quietly through back channels to authorize drone strikes on weddings. It’s called class. Learn it!”

And what current look at Trump’s rallies would be complete without a discussion of the “pledge”—the one that lots of people have compared to a Nazi salute.

“Here’s the thing. People called Bush Hitler. People call Obama Hitler. Come on, media,” Wilmore began. “All we’re really talking about here is a guy with hair falling on his face who makes wild gestures at rallies talking about banning an entire group of people based on their religious beliefs...yeah, Hitler does kinda make sense.”


Kali Holloway is a senior writer and the associate editor of media and culture at AlterNet.

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