Watch: Jon Stewart Tears into Racist and Sexist Democrats

"I don’t think women and minorities are going to leave you just yet, but I wouldn’t get cocky."

Photo Credit: Comedy Central


On last night’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart took on a handful of Democrats who exposed their prejudices in recent weeks. Just because Republicans have completely failed at appealing to women and minorities, “doesn’t mean Democrats can take their long-standing relationship with these groups for granted,” Stewart observed.

The host started with South Carolina Democratic Chair Dick Harpootlian who, while introducing gubernatorial candidate Vincent Seheen, made a controversial comment about his Indian American opponent.

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“In about 18 months from now, hopefully he’ll have sent Nikki Haley back to wherever the hell she came back from,” Harpootlian said.

The South Carolina chairman later clarified his comments, saying, “She’s not from India. She’s from Bamburg, South Carolina, where she was an accountant in her parent’s clothing store called Exotica, and all I’m suggesting is she needs to go back to being an accountant in a dress store.”

“See? He wasn’t doing the nativist, ‘go back to where you came from foreigner,’ Stewart noted. “He was doing the chauvinist, ‘ladies belong keeping the books in dress stores.’ Apology accepted!”

Stewart moved on to North Carolina Democratic Chair Randy Voller, who last week demonstrated remarkable insensitivity. Speaking to a women’s group, Voller reportedly said, "The GOP that’s leading us – we don’t know where they’re taking us, but they’re raping us along the way.”

He later issued an apology, where he noted than men and women get raped, adding that he could’ve been raped in the past as well. Stewart wasn’t buying it.

“Here’s how we know you probably haven’t been raped. You used the term to describe political policies you disagree with,” Stewart said.

And finally, there’s Gloria Platko, township clerk of Buena Vista, Michigan. Platko drew fire for using a racial slur to describe Buena Vista’s African American township supervisor Dwayne Parker.

“You know what I think of Mr. Parker right now?” Gloria Platko said in a recorded phone call. “You’re not going to like this. He’s just an arrogant nigger.”

Like the rest of Stewart’s targets last night, Platko issued a pathetic apology, in which she called her racism a “slip-of-the-tongue.”

“If that was a slip of the tongue, what were you trying to say?” Stewart pondered, before going into his best Glora Platko impression. “’You’re not going to like this. He’s an extravagant gold digger. He’s a harrowing Tigger. He’s an astronaut ninja.’”

“Just a little advice, maybe pick up a bouquet of roses or two,” Stewart suggested to Democrats. “Because I don’t think women and minorities are going to leave you just yet, but I wouldn’t get cocky.”