WATCH: John Oliver Humiliates Pat Robertson, Who is Afraid of Gay Boy Scouts

Our favorite British guest host takes on our favorite right-wing, Christian extremist.


On last night’s Daily Show, summer guest host John Oliver took on the recent news of the Boy Scouts of America lifting the ban on gay members.

 “That is wonderful news for gay boy scouts, but a tragic end for the merit badge for ‘closet staying,’” Oliver quipped.

Oliver noted that progress was “fractural,” as the ban remains for scout leaders. “That must create an awkward situation at Boy Scout graduations,” Oliver observed, before acting out a hypothetical scenario in which an outgoing scout receives congratulations, only to be told to “burn in hell, pervert,” upon sharing aspirations of Boy Scout leadership one day.

Progress, however limited, is progress, right? Not for our favorite religious extremist Pat Robertson, who can’t stand to see the fabric of our Boy Scouts “torn up, in order to accommodate a few kids who want to do sex with each other.”

“Wait? ‘Do sex?’” Oliver remarked. “That phrase is just the latest reason why I feel sorry for Mrs. Pat Robertson.”