Watch: Fox News Interrogates Roommate of Saudi Non-Suspect

"Let me go to school, dude!"

A Fox News producer tracked down and interrogated the roommate of the Saudi Arabian man who was questioned by authorities following the Boston Marathon bombing. The producers repeatedly asked the roommate, Mohammed Hassan Bada, whether he believed his friend was a terrorist.

“Do you think your friend did it?” the producer asked, “What can you tell us about your friend?”

After answering several questions in the negative, Bada threw his hands in his face and exclaimed, “Let me go to school, dude.”

Bada’s roommate was injured by the explosion during the Boston Marathon and reportedly “tackled” by bystanders whilst running away from the blast. Authorities questioned the man while he got treated for his injuries at a Boston hospital. The Washington Post reports the man, who was deemed a witness, and not a suspect, fully cooperated with authorities, granting them permission to search his apartment.

Fox’s interrogation fell in line with previous coverage during the immediate aftermath of the explosion, where the network was quick to cite a discredited New York Postreport claiming Boston authorities had apprehended a “Saudi national” suspect. (Full disclosure: During the chaos of breaking tragedy, other media organizations, including AlterNet, also cited the Post’s erroneous report.)

Watch the interrogation:

h/t Talking Points Memo