Watch: The Daily Show Takes on the Bush Library and 'Disasterpiece Theater'

"Invade Iraq? Yes. Rescue New Orleans? No. Bail out Wall Street? Pass the checkbook."


On last night’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart and senior correspondent Al Madrigal took on the newly-unveiled, George W. Bush Presidential Library. The team took particular shots at “Decision Points Theater,” the absurd exhibit where museum patrons get a chance to relive some of Dubya’s most controversial moments in his shoes.

“But any Bush library is going to have to grapple with some of the damaging decisions made by this administration—Iraq, Katrina, the financial crisis—hopefully the Bush center has found a way to explore these issues that are both informative and objective,” Stewart said before introducing what he calls “Disasterpiece Theater.”

Jon then turned to senior correspondent Al Madrigal, who reported live from the library, wielding a “George W. Bush Steak-on-a-Stick.”

“Decision Points theater: amazing. I aced it by the way,” Madrigal said. “Invade Iraq? Yes. Rescue New Orleans? No. Bail out Wall Street? Pass the checkbook.” Jon, curious, asked, “Knowing what we know now, why did you choose ‘yes’ on invading Iraq?”

“Well,” Madrigal replied. “The choices were: (A) Leave a mad man in power that will destroy civilization or (B) be a little bitch,” Madrigal said, further explaining that those who choose B face a video of Bush telling users they made the wrong decision.

“You’re making that up right?” Stewart checked.

“No, that’s actually what happens at the George W. Bush museum,” Madrigal said, reflecting a very sad reality.

Luckily for presidential enthusiasts, similar exhibits exist in other libraries, Madrigal explained. “There’s a decision points room at the Clinton presidential library … Actually it’s just a crotch-level hole in the wall.”