Watch: Colbert Shreds Georgia Senator on Same Sex Marriage

Saxy Chambliss' (R-GA) absurd argument against marriage equality pretty much sums up Republican identity politics.


On his show last night, Stephen Colbert took on absurd conservative arguments against same sex marriage.

“The gay swarm has descended on the Supreme court,” Colbert said, in reference to demonstrations supporting two hearings on marriage equality, “And folks, I shudder to think that the unnatural coupling of same sex partners might be put on the same footing as my loving relationship with my gun.”

Colbert mocked Justice Samuel Alito’s claim to uncertainty about same sex marriage—that it is “newer then cell phones or the Internet.”

“It was 30 years since people had cell phones. What’s the hurry gays?” Colbert wonders.

But the host saved his strongest attack for Senator Saxy Chambliss (R-GA), who reacted to Rob Portman’s (R-OH) flip on the issue in support of his gay son by saying “I’m not gay, so I’m not going to marry one.”

Colbert notes that Chambliss’ statement pretty much sums up Republicans’ general approach to identity politics.

“This is the same reason we should eliminate social security. Because I’m not old, and I never will be. And frankly, why should I care about women’s reproductive rights. I don’t have a vagina. I’ve checked!” Colbert observed, "The good news is marriage is safe as long as Saxy Chambliss never turns gay, which you know, that could happen, because he's proven he only cares about one special man."