WATCH: Colbert Gives Wag of Finger to 'Non-Rioting Black People'

Colbert was disappointed that, following the Zimmerman verdict, Black Americans did not live up to the media's violent expectations.

Last night on the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert gave a "wag of the finger" to "non-rioting black people" who did not cause the chaos and destruction the media had predicted -- or maybe hoped -- would follow George Zimmerman's acquittal for his alleged murder of Trayvon Martin. Mocking the media's pre-verdict ponderings about the riots, Colbert said, "We in the cable-sphere knew that if Zimmerman walked, our cities would burn." 

"To think there may not be riots is foolish, and naive, and worst of all, accurate," he said before switching to clips of peaceful protests, to which he responded, "Sang quietly? Excuse me, I ordered a riot, and all I got is a folk festival? Stop singing 'if I had a Hammmer,' and start swinging it around. So a wag of my finger at non-rioting black people."

"If you don't riot, you seem less threatening. Then Zimmerman will seem like a bad guy, and that will be a tragic ending to this story." Watch it: 

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