VIDEO: Jon Stewart Eviscerates "Succubus-Like" Fox, and Dissects Improbable Rise of a Diplomatic Solution to the Syrian Crisis

After a build-up to war, media got a case of the "blue bombs."

Jon Stewart was brilliant last night on how an American-led attack on Syria appears to have been averted against all odds, and how disappointed members of the media seem to be about that—not just at Fox.

First, The Daily Show host compared Secretary of State John Kerry to Mr. Magoo, showing how Kerry seemed to have "bumbled his way into an accidental solution," when he tossed off in an interview that the only way for Assad to avoid American bombs was to "turn over every single bit of his chemical weapons to the international community immediately—but he's not going to do that."

Then when Syria took him up on his (and Vladimir Putin's)  "dickish offer," Stewart ran a rapid fire montage of Fox News anchors talking about how terrible it was that there would be no war. "Obama just led us into a humiliating defeat," said one, to which Stewart said, "Who did we lose to? Sanity?"

Stewart then took down Fox in hyperspeed, finishing with. "Fear, anger, mistrust and discontent is the manna upon which it maintains its parasitic existence." 

Even CNN's Chris Cuomo seemed disappointed. Stewart concluded that Obama had gotten the media all revved up about a war then given it a case of the "blue bombs."



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