Stewart: Fox Hosts Show Their 'O' Face During White House Scandal Coverage

"The angry rhetoric and level of upset about the president, for once, seems somewhat appropriate."

On last night’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart took on the conservative response to the recent onslaught of scandals facing the White House, or as Stewart calls it, “Hurricane Scandy, the continuing tropical shitstorm that is rocking the Obama administration.”

“Yesterday, White House press secretary Jay Carney, like an intrepid weather man let the wind and rain pummel him for our entertainment purposes,” Stewart said, before showing a lengthy montage of press corps reporters grilling Carney on the IRS, Associated Press and Benghazi.

“But you know what, fair is fair,” Stewart observed. “It is a good week for conservatives. The angry rhetoric and level of upset about the president, for once, seems somewhat appropriate.”

Stewart proceeded to play another montage, this time of Fox pundits wetting their pants over the president’s recent troubles, ending with a clip of Fox and Friends’ Steve Doocy saying, “this is very bad news for the White House,” while showing a rather suggestive smirk.

“Mr. Doocy, I could go without knowing what your “O” face is,” Stewart quipped.

“See what you have done Obama administration? Their complaints are legitimate!” Stewart continued. The host played a clip of Fox’s Megan Kelley questioning how these scandals never reached any senior leadership, adding “Is there anybody who’s minding the shop?”

“That’s what I was saying yesterday! You know what, Megan Kelley? We’ve had our differences. Maybe it’s time we have a show together — call it ‘Fox and Frenemy’. No wait, ‘Beauty and the Bris’.”



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