Watch: Stephen Colbert's Hilarious Take on How Openly Gay Small-Town Kentucky Mayor Is Doing An Amazing Job—Despite the Haters

Latest installment of tongue-in-cheek "People Who Are Destroying America"

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Russia's gay ban is in the news, as well as a potential Olympic boycott, but last night Stephen Colbert also ferreted out a sweet story on Vicco, Kentucky Mayor Johnny Cummings. Cummings is mayor of the tiny Appalachian town where everyone knows each other, everyone has a gun, and poverty runs deep. He is also openly gay. Shockingly, he is doing a great job, his constituents love him since he is making their lives better by doing things like improving parks, fixing potholes, and improving the water. He also got the town to pass an LGBT fairness ordinance protecting gay people from discrimination in housing, employment, etc... That made Vicco the smallest town in America to pass such an ordinance.

And everyone seems to love it. Everyone, that is, besides one Pastor Truman Hurt, who thinks gay people like CUmmings are headed straight to hell and are also very devious. "Fairness is a trick word," Pastor Hurt says. "I have nothing against gays. I don't like their lifestyle. I don't like their lifestyle. I don't like them trying to push it on me and my family. I think they should go back into the closet." But he has nothing against gays.

Watch, it's a great story, hilariously presented by Colbert.


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