Maher: Why the GOP Loves a Fake Capitalist Jesus, Not the Real Socialist One (VIDEO)

They got it all backwards.

Bill Maher took some time out on Friday night's Real Time to point out the modern GOP was currently worshiping a totally fantastical Jesus. One who's contemptuous of the poor, greedy, and less about values and more about maximizing shareholder value. 

To do this he created Supply Side Jesus who wears a suit and believes in small government. He's closer to Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli than the biblical Jesus - a point Maher drove home by quoting a series of bible quotes that would be entirely foreign to the current Republican party. 

"He'd love to help the less fortunate," Maher said about Supply Side Jesus, "but he has investors to think about. Like the time [he] performed a miracle, creating a bounty of fishes and gave them all to the 1% so they could trickle down to the takers."

Watch the clip below:

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