Maddow Mercilessly Mocks Paul Ryan's Political Amnesia

Ryan's cruel new budget plan indicates he seems to have forgotten he lost the election.

Photo Credit: MSNBC

On last night’s Rachel Maddow Show, the MSNBC host took on Paul Ryan’s eerily familiar budget plan, released earlier in the day. Maddow mused that the former vice presidential candidate seems to be suffering from a severe case of political amnesia.

She played clips from the election season, in which Mr. Ryan appeared on CNBC to say regarding the country’s budget, “Whoever wins this election basically is going to determine what this all looks like next year.”

And yet, as Rachel points out, “Paul Ryan trotted out the Ryan budget again as if the country never voted on it at all.” Democrats, on the other hand, are already gauging how to use Republicans’ re-hashed budget to their advantage. Maddow notes that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has already announced 16 Republican lawmakers they’ll target over support for the Ryan plan.  

“Bringing back the essentially the same plan you just got defeated for seems like a weird way to respond to that defeat,” Maddow said. “Republicans have seen how this movie ends really, really recently. They have responded by casting themselves in the sequel. Get your tickets now.”

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