Maddow Hilariously Berates the GOP for Their Shameless Flip-Flopping

What do these guys really believe?

On last night’s Rachel Maddow Show, the MSNBC host took various Republicans to task over recent cases of political amnesia. Leading with John Boehner’s flip-flop on universal background checks this week, Maddow observed that, “This happens in Republican politics a lot.”

Also this week, Ohio Governor John Kasich briefly came out in support of civil unions, telling a local news station, “If you want to have a civil union, that’s fine with me.” A spokesperson had to clarify that the governor “may have used the term ‘civil union’ loosely in this instance.” In November, presidential candidate Mitt Romney managed to change his stance on the Blunt amendment within an hour. And just today, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul had to backtrack on comments he made on CNN, when he noted “thousands of exceptions” in which he’d be okay with abortions.

Toward the end of her segment, Maddow reminded each one of the aforementioned flip-floppers of their real positions:

“Rand Paul, you are for banning abortions without exceptions federally. Mitt Romney, you’re for the Blunt amendment. John Kasich, you’re actually against civil unions. John Boehner, you don’t want background checks for gun buyers after all. Even though none of you seem to believe that that’s what you’re supposed to believe.”


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