Jon Stewart Tears Apart Absurd Arguments Against Marriage Equality

Conservatives are trying to convince us that DOMA isn't a "morality-based" law.

On last night’s Daily Show, Job Stewart took on the disingenuous arguments against same sex marriage heard at the Supreme Court this week.

“America’s top nine justices spend two full days enjoying gay oral,” Stewart joked, adding after a long pause, “arguments.”

Stewart noted that conservatives aren’t pushing the moral argument this time around, especially after the Supreme Court decision on Lawrence v. Texas (2003), which overturned sodomy laws.

“We as a nation cannot abide the banning of butt sex purely on the basis of its putative yucky-factor,” Stewart read from Justice Kennedy’s 2003 decision.

So if moralizing won’t work, what’s left for conservatives to stop marriage equality? Meet attorney Paul Clement, who argued in favor of DOMA on the absurd basis that it “was not morality based but merely an effort to unify federal standards for recognizing marriage licenses.”

Stewart noted the absolute absurdity of this assumption—completely devoid of historical support. The host played another classic montage of clips from 1996, showing lawmakers assaulting gay marriage in arguments for DOMA.

“It is inherently wrong and harmful individual’s families and societies,” said former Rep. David Funderburk (R-NC).

“An attack on God’s principles,” said former Rep. Steve Buyer (R-IN).

“The flames of self-centered morality are licking at the very foundations of our society—the family unit,” explained former Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA).

“Not morality-based?” Tell that to history, Mr. Clement.



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