Jon Stewart: CNN's 'Exclusive Report' Was Exclusive Because It Was 'Completely F**king Wrong'

This might be the best Daily Show takedown of CNN to date.

On last night’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart completely skewered CNN over the network's carnival coverage of the mythical arrest of a Boston bombing suspect.

Stewart began his segment with John King’s “exclusive report” that authorities arrested a suspect. In fact, CNN’s talking heads repeatedly reminded its audience of John King’s “exclusive reporting,” though as Stewart said, “We soon learned there was a very good reason why this was exclusive.”

He cut to a clip of a former FBI official stating that, “There has been no arrest, and in fact a suspect has not been identified by name yet.”

“Oh, it was exclusive because it was completely fucking wrong,” Stewart observed. He proceeded to play an incriminating clip of John King reading an FBI statement saying that, “Anyone who says there’s an arrest is ahead of themselves.”

“I think they’re talking about you,” Stewart whispered to the image of the CNN host.

“So in the space of an, I don’t know, afternoon, this suspect went from definitely caught and headed to federal court to…” Stewart interrupted his thought with swirly magician hands, as if he just made something disappear. “It’s like a news story, as imagined by M. Night Shyamalan.”

“Here’s the best part about the whole thing,” Stewart continued, “John King exclusively reports an arrest has been made, and then caps it an hour later with the news that the FBI would prefer him to enjoy a hot cup of ‘shut the fuck up.’”

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